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Asked to refresh the branding along with a design for a new brighter website to push this energetic fitness brand to the next level to increase awareness and attract a broader customer base.
Branding – The logo had become inconsistent, different variations were being used in various collateral, in some cases different versions being seen in the same field of vision on the website. The typeface was chunky, heavy and very static not ideal to convey the feeling of energy and fitness.
Website – The website too had become inconsistent visually with different uses of the logo in different places, with far too many typefaces. It was also very text heavy with a lot of descriptive pages which needed to be energised visually.

Branding – The 'A' was to be kept for recognition so this was simplified and made a more dynamic shape. The use of fades and shadows give it some depth. A new rounded, lighter and friendlier font was chosen which interacts and sits within the 'A'. The green was changed to a lighter more natural colour pallet to give a sense of the outdoors.
Website – This became more modular, more visual and less wordy. The new green was used overall the make the website more fun and energetic. Dynamic black and white images were used for consistency across the website and remove any clashing bright colours worn in the sports wear. One font family was used throughout and a blue was chosen for all links to help the user.

Logo / website design / web style guide
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